About Us

Thank you so much for taking your time to visit Smart Fishing Tips as this blog is running with the support of readers like you.

Hi there! My name is Edward Jones, a fishing enthusiast from Florida with over 15 years of fishing experience under my belt. I also coach novice anglers as I love to share my fishing knowledge.

A few months ago, I was recommended by my fishing enthusiast friends to start my fishing blog so that I’d be able to reach out to more people without any limitation and that idea ringed the bell. But when I started my research for this blog, I was shocked to see hundreds of fishing blogs popping up recommending crappy and useless fishing products. And when I got to the root of this cancer, I came to realize that the blogging industry on fishing is full of self-proclaimed fishing experts who are no true experts at all and they only recommend crappy fishing equipment from brads who offer them a boatload of commission.

I was angry and disappointed to see people squandering their time, money, and energy on such crappy recommendations of so-called fishing experts but at the same time, I made a firm determination to stand against such crappy blogs and fake gurus. So, that’s how the idea of Smart Fishing Tips came into realization. Share this blog with your friends and family to put an eternal stop to such fake gurus and blogs.

Now based on these years of experience, I along with my fishing enthusiast friends strive to produce resourceful information for all skills of anglers so that you can enjoy your fishing experiences and make lifetime memories. Smart Fishing Tips offers its readers fishing equipment reviews like reels, rods, lures, baits, etc. from entry-level to high-end fishing setups so that you can be a better angler. We believe in opinionated and non-biased reviews and don’t recommend any products we haven’t used ourselves yet.

Now you might be wondering how one can offer years of experience without asking for anything in return? And the answer to your question is when you read our valuable content and then make a purchase, we earn a small commission from those qualifying purchases. That’s how we compensate for our time and experience.

Keep learning and keep getting better at fishing.

Happy Fishing!