Top Fishing Rods Stardew Valley: 2023 A Comprehensive Guide


Before we dive into the specifics of fishing rods stardew valley, let’s first discuss what fishing is in Stardew Valley. Fishing is a mini-game in the game that requires you to catch fish using a fishing rod. Each fish has its own unique characteristics, and catching them can be challenging. However, with the right fishing rod and bait, you can improve your chances of catching the fish you want.

Where to Get Fishing Rod in Stardew Valley

The first thing you need to do to start fishing in Stardew Valley is to get a fishing rod. There are a few ways to get a fishing rod in the game.

1. Purchase from Willy's Fish Shop

The easiest and most common way to get a fishing rod is to buy one from Willy’s Fish Shop located at the beach. The price of the fishing rod is 1800 gold, which is a reasonable price.

2. Completing Quests

Another way to get a fishing rod is by completing certain quests. For example, the quest “The Mysterious Qi” rewards you with a fiberglass rod that is better than the standard rod.

3. Fishing Contest

Finally, you can win a fishing rod by participating in the fishing contest held during the Stardew Valley Fair. However, winning the contest can be challenging, so you may need to practice your fishing skills beforehand.

How to Get Fishing Rod in Stardew Valley

Now that you know where to get a fishing rod, let’s discuss how to get one.

1. Reach Level 2 in Fishing Skill

To get a fishing rod, you need to reach level 2 in the fishing skill. You can do this by catching fish and gaining experience points. Once you reach level 2, Willy will send you a letter with the offer to buy a fishing rod from his shop.

2. Completing "Getting Started" Bundle in Community Center

You can also get a fishing rod by completing the “Getting Started” bundle in the Community Center. This bundle requires you to collect specific items and rewards you with a fishing rod.

Fishing Rod Stardew Valley Bait

To catch fish effectively in Stardew Valley, you need to use bait. Bait can be purchased from Willy’s Fish Shop, or you can craft it using bug meat or fiber.

1. Purchasing Bait

To purchase bait, go to Willy’s Fish Shop and buy it for 5 gold each. You can also buy a bait machine for your farm, which automatically produces bait for you.

2. Crafting Bait

To craft bait, you need to have bug meat or fiber. Bug meat can be obtained by killing bugs in the mine, and fiber can be obtained by cutting down grass or bushes. Once you have the materials, craft the bait at a crafting station.

Tips for Using Fishing Rods in Stardew Valley

Now that you have a fishing rod and bait, here are some tips to help you catch fish effectively in Stardew Valley:

1. Pay Attention to the Weather and Time

Certain fish only appear at specific times and in certain weather conditions. For example, the pufferfish only appears in the summer ocean during sunny weather. Make sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast and time of day to increase your chances of catching the fish you want.

2. Upgrade Your Fishing Rod

As you catch more fish and level up your fishing skill, you can upgrade your fishing rod to catch bigger and rarer fish. The fiberglass rod and the iridium rod are two upgrades available in the game that can greatly improve your fishing ability.

3. Use Tackle

Tackle items are accessories that can be attached to your fishing rod to increase your chances of catching fish. Each tackle has a specific effect, such as increasing the size of the catch or reducing the chance of fish escaping. You can purchase tackle items from Willy’s Fish Shop or find them while fishing.f

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Fishing can be challenging, especially at the beginning when you’re still learning the mechanics. However, the more you practice, the better you’ll become. Take the time to learn the behaviors of different fish and how to reel them in effectively.


Fishing is a fun and rewarding activity in Stardew Valley, but it requires a good fishing rod and bait. By following the tips outlined in this article and practicing your fishing skills, you can become a master angler in no time.


1: Can I use different bait for different fish in Stardew Valley?
Yes, different fish in the game are attracted to different types of bait. Be sure to use the right bait for the fish you’re trying to catch.

2: Can I catch fish in any season in Stardew Valley?
No, certain fish only appear in specific seasons. Be sure to check the fish guide for each season to see what fish are available.

3: Can I sell fish in Stardew Valley?
Yes, you can sell fish to Willy or at the shipping bin. Some fish are worth more than others, so be sure to check their prices before selling.

4: Can I catch legendary fish in Stardew Valley?
Yes, there are several legendary fish in the game that are rare and difficult to catch. Catching them requires a high fishing skill and the right fishing rod and bait.

5: Is fishing necessary to progress in Stardew Valley?
No, fishing is optional in the game. However, it can be a good source of income and a fun activity to do in your free time.

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