How to Hook a Shiner for Bass Fishing? Step By Step Guide

how to hook a shiner for bass fishing

If you are looking to catch big size bass, you should use the shiner. The shiner is pretty much adequate for catching different fish pieces of bass. If you are a beginner or experienced, it is essential to attach a shiner to the bait hook through the proper technique. It will help to keep baitfish alive for a longer time. There are many options for how to hook a shiner for bass fishing. There are many methods some of them are given below for your help.

You must understand that each technique has its strengths and weaknesses. Every technique works perfectly depending on the type of bait hook that you are using during fishing.

If you are interested in how to hook a shiner for bass fishing, the rest of this article will guide you.


Get your shiners

The first step in how to hook a shiner for bass fishing is to choose a shiner. Try to find the shiner before fishing time or order it. It is hard to find a wild shiner at the last moment of fishing. There are multiple types of shiners in the market.

The most common that you will see at the shop will be wild shiners or domestic ones. Wild shiners work for bass fishing while domestic shiners can work for normal fishing.

Before buying the shiners make sure that they are alive and guarantee their longevity. After purchasing them, try to place them in an aerated tank to hold. Don’t forget to take that tank with you during fishing.

How to Hook a Shiner for Bass Fishing?

Following are the methods to hook a shiner for bass fishing:

  • Through the top Lip (upper mouth)
  • Near the Dorsal Fin (top of Back)
  • Through Belly/Anal Fin (underside)
  • Through Tailhook
  • Through both Lips
  • Hooking the shiner through its air hole

Through the top Lip (upper mouth)

First of all, you have to choose the right bait according to the size of the shiner. Now hold your hook and shove it into the open mouth of the shiner. It will pass between the brain and the upper lip of the mouth, and it must come outward from the top of the mouth. You need to be a little careful when inserting it because if it is passed only through the lips the bass can rip it off. After all, the shiner’s lips are very flimsy so it’s necessary to pass it through the fleshy part of the upper mouth. It is one of the best way to hook a shiner.

Near the Dorsal Fin (top of Back)

How to hook a shiner is not a new question. Firstly, hold your shiner and place the hook near its dorsal fin and just in front of this part insert the hook about ¼ inches deep. This is a useful way to hook a live shiner. One thing to keep in mind is that hook must be inserted at 90 degrees to make it work well. This method is usually used while fishing from elevated positions. This method also ensures more swim of bait and floating upwards to make splashes.

Through Belly/Anal Fin (underside)

For this method first of all you have to find out the meat part beneath the belly and simply pass the hook through on the underside of the shiner about ¼ Inches deep. This method proves best when you intend to fish near vegetation because it helps the shiner swim deeper. It is one of the best way to hook a shiner.

Through Tailhook

In this method, the shiner is hooked on the top of the tail behind the dorsal fin. This is helpful while fishing big catfishes and deep fishing because it keeps the shiner near the bottom and ensures natural swimming.

Through both Lips

Hooking the shiner through both lips is an effective one way because it ensures the natural swim of the shiner. You simply have to take into consideration the size of the shiner to choose the right bait hook. Then hold the hook and start passing it through the lower lip and moving forward through the upper lip at the same time and so make the fish just the way you want. It gives rigid positioning and also saves fish from dying by entering the water into its gills. We hope now you can find the best technique for how to put a shiner on a hook.

Hooking the shiner through its air hole

To keep the fish in place you can hook them through their air hole because it gives a good hold. But it requires a bit of care while hooking to avoid your baitfish from dying. For this try to hook the shiner behind the air holes slowly. This method helps the fish to land quickly enough.

How to Hook a Shiner for Bass Fishing? Complete Vedio

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to hook a shiner for bass fishing?

The best way to hook a shiner for bass fishing is to hook in the back of the shiner just below the dorsal fin. The other method of the anal fin is not as important. The dorsal fin will help you to remove the hook quickly and set it on the bass.

Where is the best place to hook a shiner?

The best place to hook a shiner is through the bottom lip and nostril. It is our suggestion based on our personal experience. Be careful not to go through the middle of the nostril because there is a brain of fish and the shiner will live a little more.

Are shiners good for bass fishing?

Shiners are fish known for their shiny silver scales. They are considered great for bass fishing. The right fishing methods use shiners as alive and get your bass.

What is the best bait for bass fishing?

Nightcrawlers, leeches, shad, bluegill, and crayfish are effective bass baits. This method of fishing does not allow for an active retrieve you can achieve with lures.



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