How to Use a Fishing Rod in Ark: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of Ark, mastering the use of a fishing rod is crucial for survival and success. Fishing not only provides a steady source of food but also offers valuable resources and even the chance to reel in some unique and powerful creatures. Whether you’re a novice survivor or a seasoned player, this guide will walk you through the ins and outs of using a fishing rod in Ark.

How to Use a Fishing Rod in Ark

Using a fishing rod in Ark is a multi-step process that requires careful execution to yield the best results. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Crafting a Fishing Rod

To embark on your fishing journey, you first need to craft a fishing rod. Head to your nearest crafting station and gather the necessary materials, which usually include fiber, wood, and thatch. Once you have the materials, craft the fishing rod and equip it in your inventory.

Locating a Water Source

For successful fishing, you need to find a suitable water source. Look for spots such as rivers, lakes, or coastlines where you can easily access the water. Ensure that you’re in a safe area without immediate threats from predators.

Equipping the Fishing Rod

Fly Fishing Rod

With your fishing rod in hand, approach the water’s edge. Equip the fishing rod from your inventory and get ready to cast your line. You should see the fishing rod in your character’s hands.

Casting the Line

To cast the line, aim your cursor toward the water where you want to fish. Click the designated button, and your character will cast the line. Pay attention to the ripples in the water, as they indicate potential fishing spots.

Patience and Timing

Fishing requires patience. Watch for a fish to bite and feel a tug on the line. Once you sense a bite, be prepared to react quickly. Timing is essential – if you strike too early or too late, the fish might escape.

Reeling In Your Catch

When you feel a bite, swiftly press the designated button to reel in the fish. This part can be tricky, as some fish are more challenging to reel in than others. Keep a close eye on the tension indicator, adjusting your reeling speed accordingly.

Claiming Your Prize

Once you’ve successfully reeled in your catch, it’s time to claim your prize.Congratulations – you’ve just secured valuable resources and possibly a new companion!

Tips for Successful Fishing

Fly FIshing Rod

Fishing in Ark involves more than just luck. Here are some expert tips to maximize your fishing endeavors:


Choose the Right Bait: Different fish species are attracted to specific types of bait. Experiment with various bait options to target the fish you desire.

Upgrade Your Fishing Rod: As you progress, consider upgrading your fishing rod. Advanced rods offer better durability and increased chances of reeling in rare and powerful fish.

Be Cautious of Predators: While fishing, you’re vulnerable to attacks from land and water predators. Ensure your surroundings are secure before you start fishing.

Explore Different Biomes: Each biome in Ark offers unique fish species. Venture into diverse biomes to expand your fishing opportunities and discover rare catches.

Level Up Your Fishing Skill: As you fish, your character gains experience in the fishing skill. Leveling up this skill improves your chances of success and unlocks special fishing-related abilities.


Mastering the art of using a fishing rod in Ark is a rewarding endeavor. From the thrill of the catch to the satisfaction of securing vital resources, fishing adds depth to your survival experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide and heeding expert tips, you’ll become a skilled angler in the world of Ark.

FAQs about Inline Ice Fishing Reels

Yes, you can fish from a boat in Ark. Position the boat in a suitable water body and follow the same steps to cast your line and reel in fish.

Catching fish serves multiple purposes. You can use them as a source of food to sustain yourself, or you might find specific fish valuable for taming certain creatures.

Yes, Ark features rare and legendary fish that offer unique benefits. These fish might provide potent buffs or serve as prerequisites for special recipes.

Weather conditions can affect fishing. During storms or rough weather, fishing might become more challenging, with fish behaving unpredictably.

Avoid excessive tension when reeling in fish, as it can lead to your fishing rod breaking. Upgrade your rod to enhance its durability and reduce the risk of breakage.

Absolutely! Ark’s diverse biomes include both freshwater and saltwater bodies, each housing distinct fish species. Explore both types of water bodies for a wide range of catches.

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