10 Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200 With Buying Guide 2022

Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200

Fly fishing is one of the most popular sports and activities. This activity involves the equipment. The equipment of fly fishing creates problems due to their price and tools. The beginners do not want to stick to tools problems and rates. So they need a helping material to choose the Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200.

List Of Top 10 Best Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200 in 2022

In this article, we are going to look at top fly fishing reels to help you.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package

Runcl Fly Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

Wakeman Charter Series Fly Fishing Combo

Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO NXT Black Label Combo Fly)

Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit

NetAngler Fly Fishing Rod And Reel Combo

Spougayilang Fly Fishing Rod Reel Combos

KastKing Emergence Fly Fishing Combo

Redigton Path II Outfit Fishing Rod

Maximumcatch Extreme Fly Fishing Combo

We will discuss the combo for beginners as well as fishermen. Let’s discuss!

Amazon’s Choice

Wild Water Fly Fishing Starter Package
Key Features:
  • IM8 graphite design
  • The reel is aluminum built
  • No corrosion, the included fly box is waterproof
  • The combo has a rod bag, a rod case, and a user guide to help you out

When we talk about the best fly fishing combo under 200, we keep the wild water fly fishing starter package in mind. It is one of the popular fly fishing combos available. The combo reel came to market with some extraordinary features. The features are aluminum reel built and graphite design of the rod. This combo has its share of flaws too. This combo can be a little expensive. If you want to replace the reel because of variation.

If you are a beginner and wanted to use fly fishing then it is one of the top fly reel under 200. It is a complete package combining all essential parts of fly fishing and most interestingly. The package came to market with high-quality materials and various types of flies. These flies will enable you to go fishing in different places and catch different fish. It came with a lifetime warranty on the rod.


  • Great quality rod, accessories, and packaging
  • Best for beginners
  • Zippered pouch
  • Instant action


  • The reel has inconsistent drag
  • Could be expensive if the reel is to be replaced

Editor Choice

Key Features:
  • 4-piece fly rod
  • Die-cast fly reel
  • Weight forward fly line
  • Handmade fly flies
  • Complete fly fishing Kit
  • Ergonomic Care for
  • Lightweight
  • Medium Fast action
  • The wood down-locking reel seat

If you are looking for Top fly fishing reels, then Rucl fly fishing rod and reel combo is one of the best fly fishing combo under 200. If you have just started angling and are looking for a complete gear package at an affordable cost, then this reel combo is recommended. This reel has solid models from the leading manufacturers in the industry. The reel combo is compact and portable enough for busy anglers.

It comes with versatility in casting with its medium-fast action.

This combo has a die-cast fly reel. The weight of the combo is enough light to carry on trips. The flies are handmade and a wood down-locking reel seat is also present in this combo. This combo has smooth casting and great reel performance. The rod is solid build and well-balanced. This combo is perfect for beginners.


  • Accurate.
  • Smooth casting.
  • Great reel performance
  • Solid build and well-balanced
  • Comes with 12 handmade flies


  • Would have been nice if there were a carrying case

Best Budget Combo

Wakeman Charter series fly fishing combo
Key Features:
  • EVA foam for secured grip handle
  • Graphite seat with stainless steel guides
  • 5/6 weight poly fly reel has a built-in hook keeper
  • 45 feet long and comes with 2 dry flies
  • 9ft Nylon 4x tapered leader
  • Rod is 8 feet long

Best fly reel under 200 includes the Wakeman charter series fly fishing combo. The rod of this combo is amazing during catching. If you are a beginner then you need medium-fast action means adequate power in casting. The weight of the rod is pretty light. It has a simple drag system that is adjustable. This combo came to market with a graphite seat which is with stainless steel guides. The built-in hook keeper is also available with the combo. The hook keeper helps you to store the fly easily.

It is one of the best fly fishing combo under 200. It has EVA foam for securing the grip of the handle. It is 45 feet long and came to stores with 2 dry flies. The length of the rod is about 8 feet. It also has a carry bag which helps to carry it easily. Somehow the performance of the reel is not good. It does not have any warranty.


  • Excellent rod performance
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • 45 feet long fly line
  • Portable
  • Good rod


  • low-quality reel, prone to corrode
  • not for saltwater

Runner Up Pick

Key Features:
  • Matte black finish
  • Reconstituted cork handle
  • Locking reel seat
  • Aluminum oxide stripping
  • Stainless-steel snake guides
  • 9 foot 4 pieces fly rods

Temple Fork Outfitters is one of the best fly fishing combo under 200. It is a high-quality rod that can be used for a little bit more powerful inshore game fish. This combo is lightweight even manufactured with high-quality materials. It is lighter than most of the inshore spinning rods. The cork handle on this rod is also high quality and the grip can stand up to the elements well.

It is one of the top fly fishing reels for beginners. The rod flex is fine in power fishing baits with this rod. The longer butt gives us extra power when we hook into fish. This kind of rod makes difference while fighting with fish.


  • Lightweight
  • Nice cork
  • Rod flex
  • Longer butt


  • Longer handle
  • Hook keeper works difficulty

Top Pick

Key Features:
  • the combo made for hardcore anglers
  • rod is 9 feet in length
  • the reel has a large arbor
  • The perfect outfit for younger anglers
  • 4-piece
  • Smooth, crisp performance
  • Imported

Orvis encounter fly rod is one of the top fly fishing reels. It is available with one of the best combos.  The fly rod outfit came with fly line, leader, backing, an encounter graphite rod blank, and an encounter reel. This combo is affordable. This combo is made for hard anglers. It is the best option for beginners as well. The rod is best for you if you don’t want to upgrade from the basic combo. The rod is 9 feet in length.

The rod is smooth during casting that’s why it is one of the best fly fishing combo under 200.  The rod is made up of aluminum and has a large arbor. The combo is not made for saltwater. The line of this combo is solid and comes with a handy case as well. This company is one of the well-known in the fishing industry. It is best for some of the best reels and rods in the stores. This has a warranty due to which it is good for us.


  • High quality
  • Good rod
  • Good reel
  • Good line


  • Expensive
  • Not for saltwater


Key Features:
  • Good line weight
  • Die-cast arbor design
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • The fly reel has a disc drag system
  • Stainless steel ring and metal adjustable fishing reel seat

NetAngler fly fishing combo is one of the top fly fishing reels. The combo came to market with everything you need to start fishing. The combo is made up of high-quality material. It is perfect for beginners. The rod is made up of carbon fiber and has 4 pieces. The rod is lightweight and durable. The rod has a spare tip which is useful during casting. The combo has stainless steel ring and metal adjustable fishing reel seat.

This is one of the best fly fishing combo under 200 because its reel is made up of aluminum. This combo has a large arbor for quick retrieve and solid line capacity. It has a Teflon disc system. This drag system is smooth and powerful. This reel comes with a backing and flies line. This combo cannot be used in saltwater. This combo has a carry case, fly box, and flies.


  • Great price
  • Comes with a spare rod tip
  • Quality rod
  • Great reel
  • Includes fly line, backing, flies, and fly box


  • Low-quality flies
  • Not for saltwater


Key Features:
  • The rod is made with carbon fiber
  • The rod is durable and lightweight
  • The reel has a metal adjustable seat
  • IM8 graphite design

Spoigayilang fly fishing rod reel combos are one of the best fly fishing combs under 200 for beginners. This combo is designed to cover different fly fishing setups. The combo came to market only in one size and with 5/6 weight. It covers all freshwater situations and is not much heavy for use in saltwater. The rod is made from carbon fiber, which makes it strong but light in weight. The rod is great to cast. The aluminum of the reel helps prevent corrosion. The reel may be bent or scratched so try to look after it.

The drag system comes with one clutch bearing for one-click intermediate drag. The drag system of this combo is not enough strong and unable to keep the line from back-lashing. The combo is consists of the spool which is simple to remove and from there it is easy to change retrieve. The combo has a rotary system which gives us more control overcasting. This makes it one of the top fly fishing reels.


  • Great rod performance
  • High-quality guide ring
  • Durable construction
  • Rotary knob system


  • Rings fall off
  • Segments get stuck


Key Features:
  • 4 piece graphite fly rod
  • The fly reel has aluminum built
  • Comes with a large arbor
  • The fly line has good performance

KastKing emergence fly fishing combo came to market with 4-pieces which is great for traveling and is a medium-fast action to suit any level of angler. The combo is made up of graphite. The quality of the material is amazing. The reel is made up of machined aluminum. The aluminum is durable and it is more durable than disc-cast aluminum. It helps to bumps or scrapes and won’t dent easily.

The top fly fishing reels must include this combo. The reel is smooth, powerful, and reliable. The combo comes with a graphite disc drag system. The fly fishing combo comes with a protective travel case. The protective travel case helps us to store and transport the rod. The rod and reel come with a quick and easy setup by the water. This combo is a great and good cause.


  • Affordable
  • Graphite rod
  • Tons of accessories
  • 9ft medium action rod
  • Easy to handle cork grip


  • Could be a bit complicated for some

Best Overall Combo

Key Features:
  • The rod is medium-fast action with all water
  • The reel has a durable anodized aluminum reel
  • Presence of alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Durable Cordura rod tube with rod dividers built-in

This is another amazing combo which is one of the best fly fishing combo under 200. The rod of the combo is made up of graphite. The rod comes in medium-fast action and is good for all kinds of fishermen. You can cast this rod very well due to its smoothness. This rod is available in the market with a 2-piece option as 4-piece as well. The 2-piece is good for casting but 4-piece rods are great for traveling.

The reel of this combo is a durable polymer. This reel came to market with a filled fly line and backing which is handy. The drag system of it is disc base. This drag system makes it smooth and strong for every situation. This combo comes with a solid rod tube which ensures that the rods are safe while traveling. Overall this combo is a little bit expensive.


  • Great rod and reel performance
  • Effortless and effective casting
  • High-end essential items
  • Suitable for professional anglers
  • Can be stored easily


  • Issue with drag

High Rated

Key Features:
  • High-quality trout flies
  • Cork grip is top-notch
  • The aluminum reel seat is machined
  • The reel has a large arbor and aluminum build
  • The extra tapered leader just in case

Maximumcatch extreme fly fishing combo is one of the easiest combos. It is listed in the best fly fishing combo under 200 because it is also good for beginners. It comes with a unique style and a balanced price. No beginner will be uncomfortable purchasing this. It helps in basic casting. The rod is made up of high-quality IM6 graphite. The weight of the rod is about 5wt. Due to its lightweight, it might stick to pursuing moderate size fish.

The length of the rod is about 9’, this length helps us in casting for mid-sized saltwater fish. This combo has a balance between reel and line during striking. The case of rod is an amazing addition to it. It has a dial drag adjuster which helps during casting. It also has a large arbor spool which helps to control while fishing. Overall it is one of the top fly fishing reels.


  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Come pre-spooled
  • Suitable for common fishes
  • 12 high-quality fishing flies


  • Low-quality leader and tippet
  • Disappointing reel

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Fly Fishing Combo Under 200

You are going to purchase the best fly fishing combo under 200, try to choose the best in the market. So here are a few important guidelines that we will help you to purchase best.

Rod and Reel Built/Performance

You must need to become a reel with an aluminum build and the rod with either aluminum or stainless steel built. Carbon fiber which is an elaborate name for plastic is a big NO. The performance can be mediated by reading reviews about the combo.

Included Items

You don’t need 200 items in a combo. But you need a few of them. Some combos do not include some important items while others do. So, be very careful while choosing items.


The warranty of the fly fishing combo always matters. The warranty is mainly for rods and reels in a combo. A 1-year warranty is good, some even give you a 4 or a 5-year warranty. Try to choose more warranty combo.


The price of the combo is always the concern of every angler. The expensive combo is not mostly better. We have listed the best fly fishing combo under 200. These combos under 200 can be perfect for personal life use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions are following:

What does a fly fishing combo include?

A fly fishing combo is a fly rod in combination with a package that includes the fly reel, the fly line, backing. These are four are the basic and important things but we have also rod tubes, flies, leaders, tippets, a fishing vest, a net, fly boxes, etc.

What is the advantage of having a fly fishing combo?

Some of the advantages of a fly fishing combo are:
– Savings
– Ease of use
– Match
– Balance

What are the disadvantages of a fly fishing combo?

Some of the disadvantages are:
– It can have a great rod performance but a fragile build quality.
– Some fly fishing combo has a warranty but the performance won’t be up to par.
– This makes it a slippery slope.
– Fishermen don’t buy a fly fishing combo.


Unlike past, now we have more options for people looking to get into the sport regarding affordable gear. We have discussed some of the top fly fishing reels in our article. These combos are listed due to their features and stand out of the box. Fly fishing is enjoyable if it has the quality gear. We have discussed the best fly fishing combo under 200, we hope our suggestions and buyers’ guide will help you to enjoy your casting.



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